Are You Looking for a Vascular Doctor in NYC?

There are several good reasons to see a vascular doctor in NYC. Issues like vein disease, varicose veins, spider veins, peripheral artery disease, blood clots, and aortic aneurysms top the list. But how do you know which vascular specialist is right for you? Capillaries, arteries, and veins are all part of the vascular system, but they have different jobs and are prone to different malfunctions. Click HERE to consult our award-winning vascular doctors in NYC, or read on to learn how to choose a specialist.

Do you have vascular or circulatory issues? Wondering which vascular surgeon in NYC is best for your condition? Here’s how to choose the right one.

Does Every Vascular Institute Provide Total Vascular Care?

Each vascular institute in NYC has a unique set of qualifications. Some specialize in vascular surgery, while others specialize in arterial diseases, and others offer minimally invasive vein treatments. Certain vascular issues require surgery, but many do not. Most vein issues are treatable within the body, rather than surgically extracting the vein, as was common in prior decades.

Inquire about the vascular doctor’s specialty before booking an appointment. If you have vein issues like varicose veins, spider veins, or Chronic Venous Insufficiency, you probably don’t need a vascular surgeon. A minimally invasive vein specialist can often treat those issues with a gentle, outpatient procedure.

Is Every Vein Doctor in Brooklyn a Vascular Surgeon?

No, not every vein doctor is a vascular surgeon. Many are phlebologists who study venous medicine and minimally invasive, interventional ways to treat vasculature. These doctors are often trained in newer tactics than vein surgeons, since endovenous procedures have largely replaced vein surgery over the last 30 years.

If vascular surgery is recommended for your veins, be sure to ask about alternatives, like sclerotherapy, radiofrequency ablation, vein adhesives, and mechanochemical ablation, before agreeing to a phlebectomy. If surgery is your only option, ask if the vein clinic offers ambulatory phlebectomy or microphlebectomy, which are easier to recover from.

Are the Best Vascular Doctors in NYC Surgeons?

Vascular surgeons are not more qualified than vein specialists, they simply focused on a different type of treatment. A board certified phlebologist has also completed additional training and certification processes beyond acquiring their MD. It’s not necessary to work with a vascular surgeon unless your condition can only be treated surgically.

This is particularly true for patients with vein issues since veins respond remarkably well to minimally invasive endovascular techniques. Vascular surgeons commonly treat things like aortic aneurysm or peripheral artery disease, whereas vein doctors often treat spider veins, varicose veins, blood clots, and vein disease. If you have issues with your veins, visit our Harvard-trained vein doctors in NYC to prevent unnecessary surgery.

Are You Considering Surgery at a Vein Clinic in Brooklyn?

Are you considering surgery at a vein clinic in Brooklyn? Have you seen a vein specialist yet? Some patients do require surgery, for instance, if they have blood clots or highly tortuous veins. But most patients are better suited to endovascular procedures that treat veins through the skin. Our NYC vein doctors use tiny needles and catheters, along with ultrasound guidance, to treat veins precisely and painlessly in a matter of minutes.

If you have an aortic dissection or aortic aneurysm, you need to head to the emergency room, and surgery is likely. But, if you’ve read this far, chances are you aren’t in the midst of an emergency, and you’re looking for treatment for vein issues or arterial disease. Call our vein specialists to learn about non-surgical alternatives and why we prefer them.

Do You Really Need a Surgical Vein Specialist in Brooklyn?

You should only consider vascular surgery for vein disease if a vein specialist recommends it. Some primary care doctors and surgeons aren’t trained in the latest techniques for treating veins. If your board certified vein doctor recommends surgery, you can trust their expertise. But if a doctor from another specialty suggests it, talk to our vein doctors first. We’ll assess whether you’re eligible for less invasive tactics and pre-determine your insurance coverage, to guarantee the safest, most affordable solution to your problem.

Who Are the Top Rated Vascular Surgeons Near Me?

Some of the top vascular doctors in NYC aren’t actually vascular surgeons. This is because surgery is no longer a first-line treatment for things like varicose veins, which are among the primary reasons people seek a vascular doctor. If you’re searching for a “top rated vascular surgeon near me,” first, consider whether you actually need a surgeon. Our renowned vein clinics in NYC offer endovenous surgery, but we primarily recommend minimally invasive vein treatment. Many patients are relieved to learn that their condition doesn’t require vascular surgery.

Should You See a Phlebologist in NYC Instead?

If veins are the primary reason you’re looking for a vascular surgeon, start with a phlebologist or vein specialist instead. Some vascular surgeons aren’t trained in less invasive things like sclerotherapy, RF ablation, endovenous lasers, or vein adhesives. Spider veins, varicose veins and many vascular diseases are quickly resolved in a phlebologist’s office. Our exceptional team can often diagnose and treat vascular issues in a single appointment. We’ll never recommend something more invasive than you need, and our long track record proves that our treatments are remarkably safe and effective.

Why Are Minimally Invasive Vein Doctors in NYC Preferred?

Minimally invasive vein doctors in NYC are preferred whenever possible, for several reasons. Surgery is costly and it carries higher risks than endovascular procedures, including infection, bleeding, scarring, and anesthesia complications. It also has a longer recovery period and typically requires a hospital stay and downtime from work. Minimally invasive endovascular treatment allows patients to resume their usual routine immediately following treatment. While there is risk of infection, it is negligible, since there are no large incisions. Swelling is mild and brief, compared to surgical swelling.

Minimally invasive treatments are performed in under 30 minutes in a vein doctor’s office, rather than the hospital, and they don’t require general anesthesia. Patients frequently report that they would have treated their veins much sooner if they knew how easy minimally invasive vein treatment is. Instead of searching for the “best vascular surgeon near me,” or “best vascular surgeon in NYC,” start with our comprehensive vascular doctors that recommend vein surgery only after gentler treatments are ruled out.

Diagnosis and treatment at our NYC vein clinic is a collaborative process, since we involve patients in the decision and draw insight from our network of Ivy League-trained vein specialists near Brooklyn and beyond. Visit us for treatment from the best vascular doctors in NYC. With 5 premier vein clinics in New York, our vein specialists are right where you need them to be.