What Do You Call a Doctor Who Specializes in Veins in NY?

Several types of doctors offer vein treatment in New York, but only a few of them are distinctly qualified to perform it. Dermatologists and estheticians offer some surface treatments like pulsed-dye lasers for broken capillaries or small spider veins on the face. But topical lasers aren’t safe or effective for everyone, and they aren’t effective at all for varicose veins.

If you’re wondering, “What doctor should I see for varicose veins,” the answer is a board certified vein doctor. This includes minimally invasive vein doctors, like phlebologists, as well as vascular surgeons for certain patients. Book an appointment with Harvard-trained vein specialists in New York who offer all of the latest treatments for varicose veins.

Varicose veins stem from issues deeper in the circulatory system, including a common vein disease called Chronic Venous Insufficiency. Don’t waste money on surface treatments that won’t correct the underlying issue. Not only will varicose veins persist, but you might also develop more until the cause is corrected.

Many clinics in New York offer some type of vein treatment. But what doctor should I see for varicose veins? Is board certification and their specialty important?

Which Specialist Treats Varicose Veins Specifically?

Varicose veins and spider veins often stem from the same issue, particularly when they develop in the legs. Valves inside veins must close tightly to keep blood moving up toward the heart. Leg veins work against gravity, so their valves are more prone to failure, which allows blood to flow in reverse and build pressure that generates spider and varicose veins.

What causes varicose veins is primarily pressure from valve failure. Some spider veins in the face might be caused by other factors like sun damage or skin injury. So, the cosmetic treatments some clinics offer for facial veins won’t work for varicose veins or spider veins in the legs. Choose a board certified vein doctor who studied vein medicine and has ultrasound training, to make sure your varicose veins are treated correctly. Certification by the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine or the American Board of Medical Specialties is an important distinction.

Who Is the Top Vein Disease Specialist Near Me in New York?

Book a consultation with Dr. Michael Nguyen, Dr. Sareh Rajaee, or Dr. Juan Montoya, all of whom are world-class vein doctors in New York. Not all vein clinics in New York treat vein disease. Some only treat cosmetic vein issues. This is problematic for patients with vein damage in their lower extremities since it’s typically caused by vein disease. Choose the award-winning vein clinic renowned for minimally invasive resolution of spider veins, varicose veins, and vein disease. Our esteemed vein doctors lead their field in cutting-edge vein treatments, often training other vein physicians on vein procedures.

Where Can I Get My Varicose Veins Removed in New York?

Some vein clinics in NY offer surgical vein removal. Others offer minimally invasive removal. And some vein doctors are trained in both. The best place to get varicose veins removed is an accredited medical clinic for veins that offers minimally invasive options. The accreditation process is voluntary, and it involves a thorough review of the doctors’ training, the facility’s technology, and patients’ results. Very few medical centers achieve accreditation or even attempt it. So, when you choose an accredited vein clinic, you are guaranteed the best varicose or spider vein treatment by the best vein doctors.

Along with accreditation, minimally invasive procedures are also important to look for because most patients don’t require surgery. In the last three decades, less invasive measures have largely replaced surgery for everyone except patients with blood clots or complicated veins. Before you book an appointment, make sure the facility is accredited, the doctors are board certified in vascular medicine, and they offer minimally invasive varicose vein treatments.

Which Vein Physicians Near Me Do Non-Surgical Vein Removal?

Phlebologists, minimally invasive vein specialists, vein medicine doctors, and certain vascular surgeons perform non-surgical vein removal. Non-surgical vein removal is recommended for the vast majority of patients. But there’s a difference between surface vein treatments like pulsed-dye lasers, and endovenous varicose vein treatments like sclerotherapy, endovenous laser ablation, vein adhesives, and radiofrequency ablation.

Endovenous varicose veins treatments are applied directly to the vein’s walls, rather than the surface of the skin. They’re performed with tiny needles or catheters, so they don’t involve large surgical incisions, general anesthesia, or hospitalization. Since they go deeper than surface treatments, endovenous methods can treat varicose veins and vein disease, not just spider veins. Choose a minimally invasive vein doctor with endovenous treatment methods to resolve your varicose veins.

Which Varicose Veins Treatment Clinic Near Me Is Best?

The top varicose vein treatment clinics near you are in Midtown Manhattan at 290 Madison Avenue, and in the Financial District at 156 William Street. Both of these clinics offer the latest vein treatments from award-winning vein specialists in New York. We also have several offices nearby on Long Island and in New Jersey, so the best vein care is always right around the corner. 

When to See a Vascular Specialist: What Are the Signs?

Some veins are asymptomatic, but that doesn’t mean they’re harmless. If you notice a bulging, twisted vein, or a spidery cluster of small veins, ask our vein doctors if you need treatment. And if you have symptoms like leg swelling, heaviness, cramping, restlessness, itching, venous ulcerations, hyperpigmentation, or bleeding, book an appointment today. Symptoms like these indicate vein disease, and the sooner you treat it, the less issues you’ll have. If you have red flag symptoms like sudden progressive swelling, chest pain, shortness of breath, bleeding that won’t stop, or fainting, head to the emergency room.

With Insurance Like Kaiser, Is Spider Vein Treatment Costly?

Cosmetic vein clinics rarely accept insurance because most of their treatments are elective. Instead, choose a board certified vein doctor who accepts major insurance carriers, like Kaiser, to make treatment more affordable. When spider veins occur in your legs, vein doctors with ultrasound technology find the deeper issue and prove medical necessity to your insurance company. Our insurance specialists determine coverage for all of our patients prior to treatment. Most of our patients have no out-of-pocket expenses.

With Kaiser Permanente, Is Varicose Vein Treatment Covered?

Insurance companies like Kaiser Permanente are even more likely to cover varicose vein treatment. These blood vessels are larger and often more symptomatic than spider veins, and they almost always result from issues in deeper veins. As such, treating them is not merely a superficial endeavor. While most patients don’t require surgery, they do require a medical procedure that most insurance carriers now cover.

Which Vein Place Will Help Me Get Insurance Coverage?

Our vein clinics were deemed Centers of Excellence for remarkable patient care. That care extends to your cost of treatment, so our insurance team files all paperwork on your behalf and makes sure you understand your cost prior to your appointment. Our vein doctors use FDA-approved vein treatments, and they’re all board certified and practicing from accredited facilities. What that means for patients is their treatments are often approved by insurance.

How Do I Book a Vein Consult with the Right Vein Doctor?

If you’re wondering, “What doctor should I see for varicose veins,” the best choice is a board certified, minimally invasive vein doctor at an accredited vein clinic. It’s easy to book a vein consult with our distinctly qualified vein doctors. You can call our Midtown office at (212) 273-1617, or our FiDi office at (917) 970-9191. Or simply book your appointment online. We look forward to meeting you and eliminating your varicose veins!